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So, this is the new blog. I’ve started it because I’m a careers adviser with students and graduates from the University of the Highlands and Islands. The people I help live in some of the most remote and rural communities in the UK, and I’m interested in how people can develop successful careers in these places. As for myself, I have always lived in rural communities – Cornwall and Orkney – and I have done lots of different jobs, as I suspect is the way in rural places! I have just completed an MSc in which I researched rural graduate career paths and hope that this blog will be a way I can record and share my thoughts about how to develop a career in a rural place…. If you have any experience or thoughts on career paths in rural areas I’d love to hear them!

 Oh and the photo is my office, but only when I’m working from home 🙂 My normal office is Orkney College – google it!

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