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Is there an urban bias in careers literature?

So, here’s a thought: what would it be like to have careers literature showing successful lawyers / doctors / accountants / teachers in rural settings? This is a thought prompted by Willis’ book (Learning to Labour) where he discusses the role of career films in upholding gender divisions in particular careers. He says the films have ‘no obvious discrimination, and sex role steretyping is never the subject of comment in these films. If anything, the explicit emphasis is developing more towards equality between the sexes, but the visual images and implied assumptions remain sexually divisive….’ And this got me thinking, as a careers adviser I am used to working with careers materials that show women in traditionally male dominated careers, but do the careers publications I use as a careers adviser show a bias to larger urban settings? Reflecting on this question I suspect that the majority of the materials I use are ‘urban’ in nature – I’m trying to think if I’ve ever seen a career profile or poster showing an accountant in a rural area? Or a solicitor? And I wonder what impact it would have on rural school pupils to have such ‘rurally focused’ materials available?

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