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Journal Articles and Book Chapters:

Alexander, R (2018) 'Geography, mobility and graduate career development' in Burke, C. & Christie, F Graduate Careers in Context: Research, Policy and Practice. Routledge: London. 

Alexander, R & Hooley, T (2018) ‘The Places of Careers: The Role of Geography in Career Development’ in Cohen-Scali, V.; Rossier, J. & Nota, L. (eds) New Perspectives on Career Counseling and Guidance in Europe Springer International Publishing pp.119-130


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Conference Papers

Alexander, R (2016) ‘Reimagining the Rural: Habitus in Contemporary Understanding of Rural Spaces’ British Sociological Association Bourdieu Study Group’s Inaugural Biennial Conference, 2016: The contemporary relevance of the work of Pierre Bourdieu, Bristol, UK 4th-6th July.

Alexander, R (2016) ‘”Returning Home”: identifying the appeal of island life for young island students,’ due to be presented at the ISISA Islands of the World XIV Conference 2016: Niss(i)ology and Utopia: Back to the roots of Island Studies, Mytilini, Lesvos Island, Greece, 23-27th May


Alexander, R (2016) ‘The Character of Orkney and Shetland’ 3rd International St Magnus Conference: Visualising the North, Kirkwall, Orkney 14th-16th April.


Alexander, R (2015) ‘Migration, education and employment decisions of islanders – understanding the role of sociocultural factors in shaping individual decisions and economic outcomes in Orkney and Shetland’, presented at RETI 2015: Impact of Culture Heritage on Economic Development in Island Destinations, Orkney, 26th-27th June


Alexander, R (2015) ‘Career and Migration Pathways of Students from Orkney and Shetland.’ Paper presented at the Orkney Research in Progress Conference, Kirkwall, Orkney, 20th April.

Alexander, R (2014) 'Island Narratives: the role of the sea in the construction of higher education and migration choices of young people in Orkney and Shetland', presented at the St Magnus Conference, Shetland, 9th-12th April


Alexander, R. (2015) ‘A case study of higher education pathways of rural students’. Graduate Market Trends: Autumn 2015, 14-15. Available from:

Alexander, R. (2011) 'Staff engagement through coaching' Phoenix, Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, January 2011, Issue 132: 4-5


Alexander, R. and Sinclair, K. (2011) 'Mentoring and Widening Participation: Peer-to-peer at UHI' Phoenix Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services, October 2011, Issue 134: 6-7


Careers Information

Alexander, R (2014) ‘Occupational Profile: Writer’, published by, available from:

Alexander, R (2012) ‘Occupational Profile: Bookseller’, published by, available from:


Alexander, R (2011) ‘Flexible Working’, published by


Alexander, R (2011) ‘Publishing Industry Insight’, published by


Alexander, R. (2006) ‘Adult Guidance’ in The 2007 Careers Information Handbook Trotman

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